Randall Patterson
Donna Devan

Late summer of 2016 Randall and Donna met for the first time to photograph birds together.  There was an instant connection between them and they have been together ever since.  They immediately bonded, complimenting each other’s abilities in an exciting fashion.  Amazing photography by Randall showcased by lively footage from Donna, then scripted to allow the viewer to feel “right there” is the focus for this adventures team. Keep following this dynamic team as they venture out and bring you some of the most incredible wildlife you will ever see.

For a long time, I have had an interest in filmmaking from production to completion.  I have always taken photographs and filmed my daughters in various activities and events.  On many occasions, I took team photos and made highlight reels for their awards banquets. 


As they have grown older I began to search for a way to continue my love of photography and filmmaking.  Always wanting to be outdoors, for me, becoming a wildlife and nature photographer/filmmaker made perfect sense.


 Creating a film that both educates and entertains my viewers is honestly a dream come true.  

I was only 6 years old when my Grandfather gave me a book about birds. I remember seeing the pictures and listening to him tell me about each bird.  I was instantly fascinated.

I have maintained this interest in birds throughout my life. For the past several years, my interest in birds has included photographing them.  I soon realized I had a specific desire to capture birds in flight. Not just capture them flying but to capture every detail of every feather as the bird moved through the air. This interest became a goal which turned into a passion.

Acquiring the right gear was just the first step, gaining the skill to capture the wings in extreme motion and capture them without blur was a must.  To accomplish this, I've designed a quick draw method that allows me to get a practically perfect shot time after time. 

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