Being out in nature and photographing animals, birds and nature is a passion for both Randall and me. It was this passion that brought us together and has bonded us. We met because of a photo walk and instantly connected. Immediately we began shooting together and sharing our love of nature.


Driving home one evening after having spent an incredible weekend of nature photography, each achieving "lifer" photographs, Randall asked me if I would consider doing this all the time. My answer was instant - Absolutely! We spent the rest of the drive home and many days since planning and dreaming about being nature photographers full time.


After a few weeks of photographing together I thought it might be fun to bring a little video camera along on one of our adventures. We came across a flight of swallows which were passing over the road, through the drainage ditch and out the other side. We stopped and photographed them, and I filmed Randall photographing them. I also snuck a couple shots of him with the swallows flying around him. It was exciting and fun. We spent a couple hours filming and photographing these amazing birds. Randall got some amazing photographs of the swallows in flight. Not an easy task considering how these birds fly so fast and change directions in an instant.


As we left the swallows we were still very energized and talked almost non-stop about making a video about the swallows and all the other kinds of birds and animals we would love to film and photograph and create educational videos about.


We are so lucky to be able to go out and experience nature and its inhabitants.

We also know there are many who may not have the opportunities and

abilities that we have, so we were determined to help those people enjoy our

amazing experiences too.


We first began putting our videos together and putting them on Randall’s

website, Soon we knew we wanted to make videos about

more than just birds and we wanted to explore more than just the great

state of Texas.


Together we created Wild Adventures. We have so many amazing experiences

to show you. We hope that you continue to follow us and live through us and

have the time of your life!


Donna Devan & Randall Patterson

January 2018

First Adventure